The Agency

UrbyetOrbit is an innovative SME founded in 2015 with the aim of enhancing geographical and satellite information for the monitoring, management and control of assets. Main provider of Geo-Heritage Information for ICSC- Central Institute for Clergy Support, Italian Diocesan Curia, APSA. Administration of the Heritage of the Holy Apostolic See, Enel. It is made up of a team of technical experts and actively collaborates with industrial partners for the marketing of services and solutions in the FinTech-InsurTech markets. Our offices are in Rome and Genoa.

Take advantage of our experience to optimize your investments and operations.

UrbyVal, descriptor, identifier and asset enhancer.
National coverage.

Urby-val is a cloud analysis system to help with real estate valuation. The system aggregates different data sources to provide an overall picture of the area of ​​interest. The analysis is based on the geolocation of all the information present in the system.

Extraction of geometric, econometric, historical, environmental and social characteristics that determine the value of assets, In favor of prudent management and profitable investments.